A nice little place for a pit-stop snack

Cafe Amore, Hemswell Cliff
Cafe Amore, Hemswell Cliff

FINDING civilisation out in the sticks can be a tricky task when out on a long road trip through the vast Lincolnshire countryside.

On a long trek out of Gainsborough and past Hemswell Cliff towards Caenby Corner, I found myself in need of refreshment.

I pulled in at Cafe Amore with much trepidation. Service station-style cafes and restaurants are sometimes overpriced, soulless, plastic, charm-vacuums.

I was quite relieved to find that Cafe Amore is the opposite of all you’d expect.

Rather than sitting depressed in darkness, surrounded by tacky fixtures and faceless staff, I found myself in a cosy little cafe brimming with personality.

I was very surprised to be in such a relaxing atmosphere with such a chic and contemporary decor – not bad considering it’s by the A15.

It was a warm day, and I considered taking advantage of the outdoor seating, but I didn’t much fancy overlooking a petrol station and busy roundabout. But if you’re a car spotter, then this is the place for you.

The service at Cafe Amore was as friendly and polite as you could hope to find. They were attentive and full of smiles, and a welcome respite after a long car journey.

The cafe offers a fairly delectable and wide-ranging variety of sandwiches and baguettes, coffees, teas, frappes and a mouth-watering display of cakes and desserts – all reasonably prices. Perusing their breakfast menu, I saw that they put on a range of hearty breakfasts – from a full English to omelettes, as well as breakfast muffins, porridge, cereal, toasted tea cakes and much more, all sourced from local meat and free range eggs. Sadly, it was a bit late in the day for that, but promised that I’d return for breakfast if I was ever in the area in the earlier hours.

Instead I settled on a chicken, bacon and mayo baguette, a large cappuccino and a chocolate and Baileys cheesecake.

My baguette was nothing out of the ordinary, but filling nonetheless and was pretty good value. It was easy to see however, why Cafe Amore are famous for their coffee – it was foamy, flavoursome and sure to put a spring in your step. Then to my cheesecake – wow. It was rich, but fluffy and light and one of the most more-ish desserts I’ve had in recent times.

There are certainly much better cafes closer to home, but if you ever find yourself out on the road in that part of the county or if you’re feeling slightly peckish after a visit to Hemswell market, then I’d definitely recommend making a lingering pit-stop for a snack at Cafe Amore.

By Andrew Trendell

Star Rating HHH