A nice and different local gem for food

Three Horseshoes, Scotton G110604-2
Three Horseshoes, Scotton G110604-2
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BLESSED are we in this part of the country, as we are fortunate to be surrounded by a wealth of great pubs and restaurants.

However, with so many pubs putting on good grub at good value, many memories of dining in local establishments can blend into one, and it can often prove a struggle for an eatery to stand out as something unique and memorable.

Luckily, I have managed to find such a place.

Through the beautiful and idyllic landscape that is rural Lincolnshire, and down a seemingly never-endinging winding country road lies the lovely village of Scotton.

There, you’ll find the wonderful and homely pub and restaurant that is The Three Horse Shoes. It exudes that wonderful rustic charm that you’d expect from any pub in the area – but there is much more to this one than meets the eye.

You see, aside from the usual pub grub fare of curries, burgers, steak and ale pies and Sunday roasts, The Horse Shoes is famed for its black rock grill menu – and rightly so.

The black rock grill menu offers a range of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes served on a volcanic granite stone heated to 440 degrees and served with your choice of rubs, dips, and side dishes.

In short, no oil or fat is used and your meal continues to cook to your own preference as you eat.

I told you it was something different.

I was torn between whether to go for venison, pork, lamb, tuna or swordfish, but eventually settled on an 8oz fillet steak served in a garlic and rosemary rub, with daupinoise potatoes, salad, onion rings and garlic and herb dip.

How was it? One word – wow.

My steak was one of the thickest, juiciest, tastiest and most substantial that I’ve eaten in a long time. The rub and side dishes complimented it perfectly and being able to cook each individual cut and bite of the meat exactly how I liked it only made the experience more satisfying.

For dessert, I went for the banoffee pie with cream, which was rich, fresh and topped the meal off perfectly. My friend chose a sticky toffee pudding, unfortunately drowned in too much custard - but whatever floats your boat...

Sadly, the overall experience was let down only by the manners of the waitress. Perhaps it was an off day, but her attitude towards us was abrupt, curt and cold. At no point was the black rock grill explained to us, and neither did she check if all was well with our meals.

The rest of the staff however, provided a warm and attentive service – during an otherwise flawless meal.

By Andrew Trendell