A Gainsborough man has been fined for dumping his rubbish bags in the street

Fly tipping in Burton Street, Gainsborough
Fly tipping in Burton Street, Gainsborough

A Gainsborough resident has been fined for leaving household waste and furniture in a ten-foot in the town.

Jamie Lee Simpson 30, of Burton Street Gainsborough, was fined £249.11 at Lincoln Magistrates Court on Wednesday, February 3.

Simpson pleading guilty to fly-tipping household domestic waste, on two separate occasions. The court heard that Simpson was in the process of moving house and had deposited several bags of household waste and furniture in the ten-foot on Burton Street.

Two weeks prior to this he also admitted leaving bags of rubbish in the ten-foot several days before the designated collection day.

Regular uniform patrols have been carried out by Community Action Officer Kevin Dunne and Andrew Stothard Town Centre Warden in the South West Ward of Gainsborough, following issues of fly-tipping in the ten-foot areas.

Coun Owen Bierley, Chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee at the council said: “The photographs shows a number of bags of rubbish, a mattress and pieces of furniture in the ten foot.

“Fly-tipping really is unpleasant and unsightly and residents should not have to put up with it.

“We want to work with local residents to tackle environmental issues, improve their neighbourhood and make an area they are proud to live in. But we are making it very clear that we will take action to anyone who does not dispose of their rubbish appropriately.”

Fly-tipping or unlawful deposit of controlled waste is an offence under Section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

In addition to this successful prosecution the council has issued 82 warning letters and given 29 verbal warnings to residents in the South West Ward for early presentation of waste since August 2015.

Lesley Beevers Regulatory Team Manager at the council is encouraging residents to take care of their refuse and not to put it out too early before the designated collection day.