A.A Grundi: Selfie sticks should be banned everywhere

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Apparently now the new trend is to carry a three - foot metal pole around with you also called a “selfie stick” to take the perfect picture.

What has society come to? Some people in the world now can’t go out the house without thinking about if they have their seflie stick packed.

If I see anyone in Worksop carrying one of these sticks then I’m afraid I may have to “stick” it where the sun doesn’t shine.

People have been taking these sticks to the supermarket, the beach, to night clubs, football matches, taking a selfie stick into the toilets will be next.

They should be banned from all shops up and down the country. Humans shouldn’t be encouraged to take part such vanity.

I know selfies are meant to be “cool “and at times I have to admit that I have struggled to take my own selfies to impress Mrs Grundi, but how stupid does carrying around a very large pole look? It isn’t very discreet and where are you suppose to keep these unsightly things?

Even with an uneccesarily large pole, these fruitloops are still getting it all so wrong.

These selfie crazed people are managing to get the actual pole in the photograph and ruining the whole selfie look. How embarassing.

Anyway going back to Worksop, if we did all get selfie sticks imagine the sort of injuries it could cause?

People wacking each other with their large sticks or use them to lash out after they have had one too many bevvies. The Magistrates’ courts would be forced to stay open with the amount of selfie stick bans they would have to impose.

It just wouldn’t work Worksop so don’t even try and follow this new trend because you won’t look big and you definitly won’t look cool.