£500 boost towards Gainsborough hospital ward’s fundraising target

Fundraisers working towards a £60,000 goal to refurbish Scotter Ward’s palliative care suite at John Coupland Hospital i Gainsborough have been given a £500 boost.

Grateful staff received the cheque from members of the Gainsborough’s Heart Support Group this week.

Ward staff are aiming to raise £60,000 to refurbish the two single palliative care rooms to create a more homely and comfortable experience for patients.

Dianne Dietzel, Scotter Ward clinical team lead, said: “We were very humbled when the group contacted us to say they wanted to make a donation of ‘just’ £500. We are grateful for every penny donated to our cause.”

Pictured are Lincolnshire Health Services Trust chief executive Andrew Morgan, sister Donna Phillips, support worker Jacqueline Cappetta and Gwen Carrick and Ian Davidson from the Heart Support Group.