£2,700 in fines issued after crackdown on fly-tipping in Worksop


A crackdown on fly-tipping in Worksop has seen Bassetlaw District Council slap residents and businesses with more than £2,700 of fines.

The largest fine, of £1,500, was issued to Leicester company Fast Despatch Transport Ltd for failing to provide information that was necessary for the investigation of controlled waste being deposited on Gateford Road.

The information was requested under the Environment Act following CCTV footage that showed two men dumping a mattress at the Tesco’s Recycle Point on June 2.

Following an investigation by officers from the Council, the van used to dump the mattress was traced through two hire companies and was found to have been hired by Fast Despatch Transport Ltd.

After failing to provide the information requested, the company was ordered to pay a fine of £1,500 plus costs of £209 and £30 victim surcharge.

In other cases, Fern McDonald of Albert Street, Worksop was fined £660 and ordered to pay costs of £209 and £66 victim surcharge after failing to provide information.

A member of the public had witnessed litter being dropped from a Fiat Punto and when the registration number was checked with the DVLA, this showed that McDonald was the legal owner.

However, having been served with a notice requesting her to confirm details that related to the alleged offence, this information was not supplied before the stated deadline.

Moran Horatio of Martlet Way, Worksop was fined £250, and ordered to pay costs of £209 and victim surcharge of £30 after cardboard boxes, plastic and polystyrene packaging were found dumped on Steetley Lane, Rhodesia.

Evidence found at the scene provided a trace to Horatio who had asked a former employee to dispose of the waste. However, Horatio pleaded guilty to the fly-tipping offence.

Kelly Pritchard of Shrewsbury Road was fined £260, plus costs of £209 and victim surcharge of £30 for failing to provide information when requested.

The information was requested when a member of the public reported that plastic window frames and a television had been fly-tipped at Kilton Forest Showgrounds.

Pritchard’s home address was written on the inside of the frames and when asked to confirm that she was the owner of the property, the name and details of the contractor who had replaced the windows, and the name of the contractor who had taken away the old windows, this information was not provided.

Anthony Ward of Smith Square, Harworth was fined £80 and ordered to pay costs of £509 plus £30 victim surcharge after dumping garden waste, a mattress, sofa, a pouffe and asbestos material at the rear of 12 Common Lane, Harworth.

Councillor Simon Greaves, leader of Bassetlaw District Council, said: “Bassetlaw District Council does not tolerate fly-tipping or littering of any kind and we will seek to fine or prosecute those responsible for this offence or those who withhold information that could identify the individuals who commit this crime.

“There is no excuse or reason that fly-tipping or littering can be condoned and the Council will not hesitate to take offenders through the courts.”