The British cafe is alive and kicking

Copper Kettle Cafe, Trinity Street, Gainsborough G110719-1
Copper Kettle Cafe, Trinity Street, Gainsborough G110719-1

You have to love the institution that is the good old British cafe.

Wherever you are in the country, in whatever town, you are almost always guaranteed to find a welcoming cafe.

They are even portrayed in our much loved soaps on television.

Roys Rolls in Coronation Street and the cafe (or ‘caff’) in Eastenders are at the heart of the community – with staff knowing their customers and serving up exactly what they want.

I’m happy to say that Gainsborough is no different.

It’s great to see independent businesses not just surviving, but thriving, against both the current economic climate and bigger named rivals which are often part multi-national corporations.

I didn’t have far to walk in glorious sunshine from The Standard offices to find a pleasant and welcoming cafe in the shape of the Copper Kettle Cafe on Trinity Street .

I walked in the door to find a bright and airy cafe. There were no menus on the table so I walked straight up to the counter to be met by a friendly smile from behind it.

After having a quick glance at the specials board I asked what fillings for jacket potatoes were available.

The warm weather meant I wanted something light but enough to fill me up and see me through an afternoon back at the office.

The lady serving told me there was a variety of different fillings available including chilli, which was also available with rice or chips on the specials menu.

I decided on tuna and was then asked how I would like my jacket potato. Did I want the tuna plain or with mayo, with or without butter?

It was great to have my meal tailored to my tastes without feeling like I was causing an inconvenience.

After ordering a tea, I was surprised to find that my meal was only £3.50. A bargain!

I sat at a table (the ones outside were already full) and picked up a newspaper supplement which were available for customers, which is always nice when you’re dining along.

Within a few minutes my tea had arrived and around five minutes later my jacket potatoes was here.

The waitress warned me to be careful because the potato was hot. Better to be pipin ghot than cold I thought.

My meal was cooked to perfection. The potato was crispy on the outside and light and fluffy in the middle with just enough filling that it wasn’t overpowering.

It also came with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, the much underrated celery and coleslaw. Delicious!

Sam Chetwynd

Star rating HHHH