Reader Review: Blondie, Sherwood Pines

Blondie in concert at Sherwood Pines
Blondie in concert at Sherwood Pines

On a beautiful summer’s eve stood in an equally stunning surrounding the stage was set for the world famous Blondie to party in the forest.

The grounds were filled with young and old, men and women and even some fancy dress which I may say was extremely interesting to say the least, but hey each to their own.

The Lightning Seeds were first up and seemed to get the crowd going with their dancing and singing, warming up for the main event.

Everyone was in good spirits and as the main event grew closer there was a great buzz in the air.

It was a birthday present for a friend which brought us to Sherwood Pines, I had heard a few of Blondie’s songs but wasn’t a die-hard fan like my friend.

So as you can imagine I was a little sceptical to whether she was actually any good.

Around 9 o’ clock she appeared and you couldn’t miss her. There she was centre stage in a florescent pink tracksuit, platinum hair (possibly a wig) and camouflage netting carefully placed on her and tied round her waist. WOW!

For a 60-something women she can still rock! Her set was amazing - she performed her hits from back in the day and even some new stuff.

She constantly gave credit to her band whilst sipping on a cup of tea (I assume). I can certainly understand why men loved her and women wanted to be her.

I hope I am still partying hard at 60 and I am now downloading all her hits from the past and reliving a memorable night.

I think a fantastic night was had by all thank you to Sherwood Pines for all your hard work and I am certainly looking forward to next year.

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