Making memories in Morecambe

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Looking at Morecambe now, it is hard to imagine a day when the seaside resort thrived.

Back in the 1950’s and 60’s the Lancashire hotspot was lovingly referred to as Bradford-on-Sea as thousands of workers decamped from West Yorkshire’s mills and factories to savour some seaside air.

Sadly now the tourists largely seem to be gone as cheap package holidays and more expensive tastes sends the nation’s holidaymakers to exotic locations around the globe.

But clearly there is still something enduring and likeable about Morecambe, something that keeps people returning year after year.

So it was with great excitement that myself and my wife Fiona headed to Morecambe for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

When in Morecambe there is surely only one place to say - the impressive and historic Midland Hotel.

The beautiful art-deco Midland sits on Morecambe seafront overlooking the expansive Morecambe Bay, which was glistening beautifully in the gentle August sunshine upon our arrival.

Today, Morecambe’s 44-room modernist masterpiece has regained its rightful place as the crowning glory of the North West coast following a major makeover.

Now lovingly restored and taken right into the 21st Century, it’s a modern day masterpiece, offering fine food, sublime views, friendly staff and a soothing ambience. which takes the pressures of the world away.

It is also the perfect place to explore what Morecambe has to offer.

If you want bright lights, fancy restaurants, lots of noise and a vibrant nightlife, then Morecambe is not the place to be. Blackpool, an hours drive down the coast, will give you all that you’re looking for.

What Morecambe does boast is a haven for relaxation, a place that offers all that the great British seaside should offer, but, best of all, without the tackyness and crowds that it’s more famous cousin has in abundance.

Morecambe offers something more traditional, perhaps you could say something more comforting.

Taking in the charming seafront vista or watching the world go by with a loved one, whilst armed with a cuppa or ice-cream, become a staple diet of the Morecambe experience.

The amusements offer an enticing array of older games that have been replaced by fruit machines, bingo games, air hockey and noisy mini bowling alleys at other resorts around the nation.

They are games that I used to love playing as a young boy on our family holidays.

Looking around, you also become instantly aware that the tourists that stay loyal to Morecambe are of the elderly generation.

Folk who are keen to recapture their youth and enjoy memories of a more golden generation. Perhaps they are even returning to the place they met their husband, wife or partner or took their child on their first seaside holiday.

And, for me, that is the very charm and beauty of Morecambe.

It may not have the glitz and glamour of more modern seaside resorts, but it will always have that ever-lasting appeal as a place where cherished memories can be made.

I, for one, cannot wait to make more memories.