EXCLUSIVE: Here’s what Katherine Jenkins thinks about coming to Nottingham - and her amazing answers to our random questions

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Singing sensation Katherine Jenkins has spoken of her “brilliant memories” performing in Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall as she prepares to return to the venue as part of her ‘Guiding Light’ tour later this year.

The mezzo-soprano will be joined by The London Concert Orchestra for the event on May 17 when she will be performing songs from her new 15 track LP which features Katherine’s personal favourites new and old; from the time honoured Make Me a Channel of Your Peace and Morning Has Broken to Never Enough from The Greatest Showman.

The album represents the culmination of a deeply emotional journey which began when her beloved father, Selwyn, died and found a new path when she became a mother.

We asked Katherine, Britain’s best-selling classical artist, what fans could expect and also took the opportunity to fire some random questions her way.

And from time travel to her most depressing ever meal the singer’s responses gave a fascinating glimpse into her life.

What can fans expect on this new tour?

“It has been four years since the last tour. A lot has happened - I have had two children. So much has changed - I feel really happy, thankful and blessed and wanted to take that feeling into the studio. I wanted to focus on what is touching my heart at the moment, emotionally and spiritually.”

The Royal Concert Hall is quite a regular venue for you. Is it somewhere that you enjoy singing at and what are the audiences like?

“For some reason Nottingham is one I have played more than anywhere else. I have played there so many times and I only have brilliant memories of it. The audience makes me feel very welcome. Because of the set-up there it feels very intimate and the room is very warm.

“I can’t wait to get back on tour again. It’s so great to see all the lovely people that have supported me. It’s my favourite thing by far.”

Were you nervous about covering Stormzy’s Blinded By Your Grace?

“I always think it’s good to have a wildcard on an album. Something that is not expected. It was only when I read the lyrics that I realised it really lends itself to the idea of the album. It’s a great song.

“I was not sure how it was going to work out but in the studio you can try things without anyone having to hear it. Stormzy is religious and really likes it.”

If magic was real, what spell would you try to learn first?

“I would learn time travel. I’m such a history geek - if I were on Mastermind it would be my specialist subject. I love the period of Anne Boleyn, my wedding was at Hampton Court Palace.”

What goal do you think humanity is not focused enough on achieving?

“Climate change. It’s obvious that the ice caps are melting. I feel we are conscious of it but not doing enough about it.”

What’s the hardest you’ve ever worked?

“When I was performing Carousel. We were doing eight shows a week and it was my first really big job balancing my work with an 18-month-old.”

If you were given five million pounds to open a small museum, what kind of museum would you create?

“I would open up a museum that taught people about endangered species and poaching including the poaching of Rhino horn.”

What’s the most depressing meal you’ve ever eaten?

“My husband took me out for a meal while I was out in Japan to a Michelin Star Restaurant and we ate Kaiseki. It was really expensive and I am a vegan and I love to eat but I just I couldn’t eat anything.”

What life skills are seldom taught but are extremely useful?

“Manners are so important. They cost nothing but they can mean everything. They can really get you far.”

An Evening with Katherine Jenkins is at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall on Friday 17th May. Her album ‘Guiding Light’ is out now