COMMUNITY: West Stockwith Annual Parish Assembly

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The chairman, Geoff Houchin, reported on “a steady but successful year” at the Parish Assembly on Thursday, April 14.

He outlined a range of achievements: the playground project was completed last April, but a mild, damp autumn and winter meant that the surfaces developed a slippery fungal growth. Once the weather improved just prior to half term, the surfaces were scrubbed allowing the playground to be reused.

The allotments are still being used with some new tenants coming forward during the year, including one from Beckingham, although there are still three vacant plots.

A new bench and plaque was installed in memory of Auriol Bird, and the bench on the River Idle bridge was renewed.

The clerk reported that £4,637.72 had been carried forward from 2014/15 and that the income for 2015/16 was £11,889.91.

Expenditure in 2015/16 was £14,343.75, which included £1,007.58 VAT that would be reclaimed.