COMMUNITY: Scotton Women’s Institute

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At the open evening held on May 12, Scotton welcomed guests from Kirton in Lindsey WI and Laughton WI.

The speaker for the evening was Madi Grout who brought a wonderful selection of costumes from the Normanby Hall period collection.

North Lincolnshire Museum service’s collections feature a wide range of archival material and objects reflecting the geology, natural history, archaeology and social history of the region in and around North Lincolnshire which are housed in Normanby Hall.

The WI ladies were able to see how they would have dressed had they been born in the 19th century and the way the dresses changed from simple through to crinolines, bussells and unbelievably tight waists.

Madi then brought the audience into the 20th Century with 50’s elegance and 60’s mini skirts and shift dresses. This brought gasps of ‘I had one just like that’ from the audience. Madi was thanked by Janet Arrand.

The hostesses for the evening then served refreshments of home made cakes and sausage rolls with coffee or tea.

The next meeting will take place on June 9, when the speaker will be Annette Mackenzie ‘All About Barn Owls’. Annette will bring a barn owl for the WI to meet and the competition will be All Things Owls (any medium).