COMMUNITY: Misterton Car Scheme Plus

Community events.
Community events.

If you have difficulty using public transport, then Car Scheme Plus could be the answer.

A vehicle has been fully adapted for wheelchair users and offers a door-to-door service for people of all ages.

It is fitted with a Turney Seat that comes right out of the car, enabling the passenger to sit on and be lifted into the vehicle.

This is particularly useful for people with limited mobility. The vehicle is also able to carry up to three passengers.

You must register with Car Scheme Plus at Bassetlaw Action Centre to be eligible to use this service. There is currently a £20 fee to register for one year. It is recommend that users book early and a quotation will be given for the cost of the journey on request.

For more information, contact Rachel Shaw at Bassetlaw Action Centre on 01777 709650 or email

The Misterton Centre is affiliated to BAC, so information is also available there.