COMMUNITY: Gainsborough Probus


At the Probus meeting on Monday, February 20, David Tattersall gave a presentation about MAF, the Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Its goals are, to fly to reach the most isolated people on earth, flying to reach the forgotten.

Members watched two films about the work, and David talked expertly about all that is involved with MAF.

The movement started after World War Two, when airmen had a desire to use their flying skills for peaceful purposes, not war, with a Christian inspiration behind the work, still a vital aspect of MAF today.

To put into perspective the size of the organisation, and the tasks they undertake, it costs £1 per second for the aircraft, staff and the loads carried.

David spoke particularly about the work in Haiti, South Sudan, the Philippines, Nepal, but these represent only a part of what is done. Often they fly in response to crises - earthquakes, famine, tsunamis, hurricanes.

Then the first needs are rescue, food and water. Beyond that, development is vital, enabling people to have a more hopeful future.

MAF receives very little Government money, and therefore has to raise funds for itself, through talks like this and those who value the magnificent work done.