COMMUNITY: Gainsborough Probus

Community event.
Community event.

John Ramm spoke about ‘That Other World’ at the Probus meeting on 15th August.

They soon discovered that this other world is underwater, the seas and lakes where people can dive and explore.

He first discovered the delights of this world in Israel, in the Red Sea. Later, his interest having been stirred, John went to Egypt, to take (and pass) a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) course.

It was an intensive time, deep sea diving all day and study followed by tests in the evenings. Before anything else, safety was central, including always swimming in pairs. But there was much more he needed to learn about and experience.

John had brought a lot of the equipment which he uses when doing such diving: wetsuit, mask, flippers, buoyancy control device and aids to know the depth, direction of movement and the time you have been underwater. He did not really recommend British waters for such diving, but instead it is better, and more comfortable, to seek areas where the water is considerably warmer.

What you can experience of this other world when you dive, was illustrated by John’s own photographs and memories. There are the vivid and varied colours, the peace in such human isolation, and of course the myriad different species of fish. And if that is not enough, there are the wrecks which are still on the ocean floor.

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