COMMUNITY: Gainsborough Probus

Community event.
Community event.

Peter Whyles from the Bassetlaw Astronomical Society came to Probus on April 18, to speak about ‘The Sun and its Planets’.

Members were taken on a trip around the seven planets (learning that Pluto is no longer counted). Peter, with illustrations, gave an introduction to each planet separately, their special features, their size and when visible in the sky. Those who already knew something about the subject will have learnt something, but it was particularly for the uninitiated.

Along the way they learnt about solar eclipses, the International Space Station, comets and meteors, as well as the Hubble space telescope and its significance to astronomy.

At the end there was time for a short presentation of pictures of the earth from a spacecraft, showing clearly the main features of each continent.

It was a fascinating insight into the subject, delivered by Peter in an engaging way.

Members heard about what astronomers will be looking for in the coming days – and they could join in if they have been inspired to do so.