COMMUNITY: Gainsborough Organ & Keyboard Club

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Gainsborough Organ & Keyboard Club are delighted to present Chris Powell in concert on Thursday, May 31 at 7.30pm, at the Weston Rooms, Gainsborough.

Born in Manchester in 1971, Powell’s family emigrated to New Zealand shortly afterwards, but it was following their return to the UK in 1977 that his musical aspirations cane to fruition...

He was lucky enough to join the team of organists playing for dancing at the world famous Tower Ballroom in Blackpool when he was just 18.

A five year connection there has been followed by almost 30 years of touring both as a concert and dance musician as well as working for major instrument manufacturers such as Farfisa, Orla and Roland.

In fact Powell tours in the UK with the amazing Roland Atelier AT-900C state of the art organ; which can recreate any sound from the orchestra, band as well as pianos, organs and even the human voice.

His Gainsborough programme will include the Dambusters March (in recognition of the current anniversary celebrations), tributes to the Carpenters and ABBA, as well as favourites from the repertoire of Glen Miller, Andre Rieu, James Last, Neil Diamond and Reginald Dixon.

Lovers of swing, show tunes and light classics will love his content topped off with Keyboard and pedal gymnastics.