COMMUNITY: Annual Sturton Parish Meeting

Community event.
Community event.

Eight Councillors and thirteen local residents and the clerk attended at the old schoolroom when reports were offered by representatives of several organisations. Sharron Banham gave a detailed account of the history society’s activities during the past year which had included a very successful year of well-attended meetings to hear a variety of interesting and informative speakers. 
The open day held in St Mary’s Church and featuring weddings and christenings had been well-attended and supported. 
Another book entitled Stow Wars is now available and two outings are already arranged for the coming year. 
A grant of £900 has been awarded to enable a headstone to be placed at the grave of Nurse Joan Credland who died during the last war. It will be dedicated sometime in September.

A report from John Gillyett representing the indoor bowls club reported a successful year with a regular membership. A committee has recently been formed and the club has a new constitution to enable them to take out a loan from the parish council in order to purchase two new mats to replace the well used and well worn previous ones.

Improvements at Sturton village hall were reported by John Leggott with information regarding further improvements during the coming year including redecorating the lower level of the hall.

Mark Lucas gave an update on Sturton Youth Club which has enjoyed another very successful year with a strong membership of young people from Sturton and surrounding villages. A large variety of activities and community events provide excellent training and enjoyment for the young people. These include outings, cookery, sports, Sturton Show, talks giving advice and information with a range a speakers along with many other interests.

Tom Mangham, representing the recreation field appealed for dog owners to be more responsible for their animals on the field. He reported some very successful events, including the annual bonfire party, race and quiz nights and thanked everyone who had helped and supported them. They have supported two football teams and a cricket team.

Joan Wines reported that the women’s institute had celebrated its centenary with a number of varying events and this year the Sturton WI celebrates 50 years since its formation. Two members were recently presented with a certificate recognising their 50 year membership.

Joan also spoke of the evergreens year of events and explained that funds were becoming difficult, however, at the New Year party Joan was presented with a generous cheque for the evergreens which will enable her to continue with more events and outings.

The clerk read a report from the Sturton guides which reported activities including local parades, ghost walks and camping.

Parish council chairman, councillor Chris Elkington announced that Sturton Parish Council had been nominated for The Best Parish Council of the Year. The annual report had been sent to every household in the February newsletter therefore there was little for him to report except to thank all the councillors and local volunteers and helpers for their continued support.