Catching a great haul of trophies

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THIS week’s Archive Corner photo was sent in by Linda Ellison.

It shows her great-grandfather Henry ‘Harry’ Hulme sitting to the right of the table and smoking a pipe.

Linda, of Primley Park Lane, Leeds, believes the picture was taken outsdie the Grafton pub on Gateford Road in the late 1930s or early 1940s.

She said: “Harry was a very keen angler and won many trophies. He was born in Worksop in 1866 and lived there until his death in July 1950.”

“I think the Grafton used to own fishing rights on the Chesterfield Canal.”

“If any of your readers could throw any further light on this photograph I would be interested.”

It appears that the men are showing off an impressive collection of trophies, presumably to do with angling triumphs.

It’s interesting to see how smartly dressed they all are in shirts and ties so it could have been a special occasion.

They are also nearly all wearing hats of some kind, which shows how men’s fashions have changed over the generations.

If you can help to identify anybody else on the photo please get in touch.

Or perhaps you know more about the trophies and who won them.

We always look forward to receiving your contributions to Archive Corner.

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