A cheap, cheerful and cracking meal

The White Swan at Dunham  (w120308-4)
The White Swan at Dunham (w120308-4)

SOMETIMES you want nothing more than some simple, home-cooked food fills a hole and doesn’t break the bank.

Far too often do we find ourselves in some soulless pit dressed up in some pretentious tacky junk to create the false impression that you’re somewhere fancy, as the staff drone on behind their cold-dead gaze - desperate for the day to end.

Those meals out feel more like a chore than a treat.

One evening, as I was driving from Worksop to Lincoln, I found myself feeling a little peckish and decided to make a short pit-stop.

Chances are, that when you stop by chance at the side of the road for a bite to eat, then you’ll end up in one of those less desirable eateries that we were discussing.

Luckily, The White Swan in Dunham on Trent is nothing of the sort.

Set in the surroundings of a comfortable, familiar and traditional old-school British pub, The White Swan is a lovely little haven by the River Trent.

The staff at The White Swan provide a warm welcome that immediately makes you feel like a regular. Throughout the evening, the service remained friendly but professional, and they’re only too eager to please.

The menu at the The White Swan is succinct but bursting with variety - not to mention value.

They’ve something to suit everyone’s tastes.

On their astounding two for £10 meal you’ll find fish and chips, lasagne, sweet and sour pork, chicken curry and much more.

The main menu boasts just as much value with dishes rarely more than a tenner.

I was mighty tempted by the jumbo haddock, breaded plaice, wholetail scampi, lamb shank and fresh pasta, and I’ve also heard great things about Elaine’s homemade pies - including steak and ale and chicken.

Eventually, I settled on the battered fish and scampi platter with chips, peas and salad.

My meal was brought out as quick as a flash. Everything was piping hot and full of freshness and flavour - the fish was especially full and flaky.

The portions are quite reasonable for what you pay, and while it was far from five-star fine dining, The White Swan offers simple and honest home-cooked grub that’s cheap, cheerful and certainly hits the spot.

So, the next time you find yourself on the drive to Lincoln via Worksop and need change for the toll bridge, add a little time onto your journey and make a stop-off in The White Swan for a drink and a bite.

Turn the drive into a treat.

By Andrew Trendell