Gainsborough store aims to show 50 acts of kindness in 2020

Muldale plans its pay-it-forward initiative for 2020.
Muldale plans its pay-it-forward initiative for 2020.

The New Year’s resolution of a Gainsborough retailer is to aim for 50 acts of kindness to help the local community.

Spurred on by its contribution to the Gainsborough Food Bank in the build-up to Christmas, Muldale is keen to continue its support for individuals and groups in need during 2020.

So, it is committing to a 12-month, pay-it-forward-style campaign, consisting of small acts that will benefit the town.

The idea behind pay-it-forward is that if everyone showed a single act of kindness or went out of their way to assist someone in need, then they might do the same and go on to help others themselves. If everyone did that, the ripple effect would be far-reaching.

Muldale, a home goods store based on the Heapham Road Industrial Estate, plans to upcycle slightly damaged stock, which they cannot sell, and donate it, along with other surplus stock, to worthy causes.

The stock could include blankets for the homeless, wildlife packs for schools or indoor watering cans and storage for care homes.

Bee, hedgehog and birdhouses could be passed on to wildlife parks, home items could be sent to rescue groups, fundraising gifts to local charities, dog beds and bowls to animal rescue centres and tools to allotments.

The whole Muldale team has contributed to ideas for the campaign, which is being led by the firm’s e-commerce manager, Jodie King.

Jodie said: “This is a great way to give something back to the community.

“After helping out the Gainsborough Food Bank, we wanted to do more..

“We have set ourselves an ambitious target, but is it something we are all passionate about as a company, so we are sure we can reach it.”

The Muldale team will also continue their relationship with the food bank, whose efforts have proved to be essential for the less fortunate and less well-off in the Gainsborough area. They are also hoping to involve businesses in a local networking group called Lynx Business.

Anyone with ideas of how they can help the pay-it-forward initiative should get in touch via

Muldale is an online retailer with more than 50 brands, selling through its own website and on Amazon and eBay.