‘Bring otters to the Trent’

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editorial image

GAINSBOROUGH residents who live and work along the riverside are being asked to support a local project to attract more otters to the area.

The Canal and River Trust is looking for people to help install an otter holt near Gainsborough - in order to ‘encourage one of our most elusive mammals to spend more time on the river and make it an even more special place for people to visit’.

Lucie Hoelmer said: “We already know that the River Trent is frequently visited by a wide array of birds, mammals, insects and amphibians but very often they are just passing through on their search for food or somewhere to stay.”

“This project will enable us to improve the habitats available, both on the river and alongside it, to ensure that visiting wildlife such as otters, owls and terns has a reason to stay.”

wTo make a donation you can visit www.canalrivertrust.org.uk/get-involved/appeals/build-otter-holts-and-tern-rafts-on-the-river-trent or to make a one-off £3 donation text HOLT to 70007.




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