Spotlight on Gainsborough rowers

Gainsborough Rowing Club
Gainsborough Rowing Club
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Every month the Gainsborough Standard teams up with Gainsborough Town Council’s Sports Development officer Dave Carter to highlight one of the local area’s sports organisations.

In the latest in our series, he takes a look at one of the oldest sports clubs in the region – Gainsborough Rowing Club.

Dave writes...

The club was formed over 150 years ago; originally known as the Aegir Rowing Club, and its first boat was the Eagre which was donated by two local companies.

In its prime the club had over 100 members.

The club had previously been situated on the water front in Gainsborough, however due to the redevelopment of the flood defences and the logistics of getting the boats into the water, the club was forced to look for a new site at which to base the club.

The club was mothballed and their boats loaned out to other clubs in the north, and as a result the work carried out with Gainsborough Town Council and local councillors Rollings and Milne, the club has been able to relocate to the Roses Sports ground on Warren Road on a long term lease.

The club has submitted applications to two funding organisation who have agreed to support the development of a new slip way on the Trent.

And the rowers have had the assistance of two companies in the development of the slip way, Frith Moxon and HBPW Consulting.

They are now in the final stages of being able to draw up the plans for submission to the Environment Agency and West Lindsey District Council for approval.

The slipway will be a definite community asset with other water users keen to use the facility and the project has had support from the local Fire Brigade, who will be able to use the slip way for fast response water rescue, reducing the time for launch and response.

It is hoped that the club will be back on the water in 2015 and they will then be able to develop their home base at the Roses Sports Ground.

Rowers have been competing in some races under the colours of the club and training with other clubs, but they really want to be able to get out onto to the water in their home town.

The club will be looking for new members and anyone interested in becoming involved in the club either as a volunteer or participant should contact Barry Hatton on 01427 616524 or email