Funding helps Misson girl’s ice skating mission

Local figure skater Robynne Tweedale has been rewarded with �1,500 worth of sponsorship from Wilko
Local figure skater Robynne Tweedale has been rewarded with �1,500 worth of sponsorship from Wilko

A Misson teenager is celebrating a sponsorship deal that will help her take another step toward her figure skating dreams.

Robynne Tweedale will use the £1,500 sponsorship from her local Wilko store in Marshall’s Yard, to find her travel, living, coaching and ice hire costs for an American training camp at Easter.

The 17-year-old has already achieved big things on the ice, having clinched the Welsh and British Junior titles along with previous skating partner Steven Adcock, and subsequently represented Great Britain in the International Junior Grand Prix Series.

Her dedication impressed Nick Brown, store manager at the Wilko store, after hearing she starts her days at 4.30am to go training in Sheffield before school.

The youngster also has a part-time job that helps her parents to pay her coaching costs.

Browns said: “It’s always really inspiring to hear about the amazing talent we have in our community and the Local Stars fund is our way of helping them on their journey, whether it’s volunteer work, sporting activities or nurturing their skills.”

“Robynne is a fantastic representative for our town and we hope the sponsorship money goes a long way during her time in America.”

The figure skater was overwhelmed by the store’s financial support, and hopes to repay them with sporting success.

She said: “I’m so thrilled that Wilko are helping me to reach my dreams in a sport that is so underrepresented and where, in the majority of cases, the financial costs have to be met by parents.”

“There are so few companies that give assistance to figure skaters and it’s great that my local Wilko store is willing to help grassroots athletes in the local community.”

“I’m so thankful and hope to make my hometown proud of me.”

The donation was made as part of Wilko’s Local Star initiative, which sponsors individuals from across the country who either have a special talent, are an inspiration to others or help in their local community.