Daniel Nicholson wins Gainsborough Aegir Cyclinbg Club’s speed judging

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Daniel Nicholson won Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club’s 1st speed judging.

The time-keeper for the event was Hedley Stennet who directed the group to the speed judging circuit.

The seven riders left Roseway and made their way out of town to Cow Lane, Upton, where the starting point for the speed-judging circuit was.

With watches, computers and mobile phones handed in to the time keeper, the cyclists were set off to ride the circuit, a 5.6 mile circular route.

The course was, though Upton and Kexby, turning left along Glentworth Road, making a left turn to the start/finish point on Cow Lane.

Nicholson chose two laps in 59 minutes, his time was 59 minutes 10 seconds giving him a time that was 10 seconds slow.

Second-placed Peter Hanks chose three laps in 76 minutes, his time was 75 minutes 29 seconds, giving him a time that was 31 seconds fast.

Dave Day, who finished third, chose three laps in 70 minutes, his time was 72 minutes 30 seconds, giving him a time that was 2 minutes 30 seconds


Fourth-placed Colin Smith chose two laps in 45 minutes, his time was 48 minutes 29 seconds, giving him a time that was 3 minute 29 seconds slow.

Trevor Halstead chose three laps in 75 minutes, his time was 71 minutes 31 seconds, giving him a time that was 3 minutes 29 seconds fast for fifth spot.

Dave Walker chose three laps in 65 minutes, his time was 68 minutes 48 seconds, giving him a time that was 3 minutes 48 seconds slow for sixth spot.

Next week’s event takes place on Sunday and has multiple option of rides starting from Roseway in Gainsborough at 9.20am. Rides to suit everyone.

Leisure ride, meet at Roseway Gainsborough 9.20am (40miles). This is suitable for beginners

For information contact Trevor Halstead at Gainsborough Cycles, 20 Ropery Road, Gainsborough, call 01427 617752 or visit http://community.lincolnshire.gov.uk/gainsboroughaegircycling