BOWLS: Leaders M10 hammered as poor form goes on

Peter Taylor’s M10 team are now looking shaky leaders of the Monday Daytime Triples after their wonderful early form continues to desert them.

Bob Baines’ M6 team easily brushed M10 aside with a 23– 6 win to bring themselves into contention, with the win greatly helped by the return of Wendy Baines from injury.

M6 then powered past Geoff Gray’s tough M1 team to win by 12–9 even though M1 led 5-1, but M1 still have time to be contenders.

Peter Taylor’s M10 then played Audrey Rogers’ M7 team who are bottom and M10 were extremely lucky to get a draw.

M7 led 18-12 going into the last end but then dropped a 6.

Pat Flegg’s M5 team met Trevor Gaines’ M8 team and both are still championship contenders after an 11–11 draw, Pat’s team led 6-1 but they couldn’t stop their lead being gradually eroded.

Pat’s team then beat Ken Byfleet’s M2 team 16-8 and Trevor’s team beat Barry Grocock’s struggling M11 team by 23-4.

After starting the season with three defeats Jean Barnard’s M9 current champions are getting their act together with five successive wins including devastating Audrey Rogers’ M7 team 23-3. M9 have also plenty of time to challenge helped by defeat for the leaders.

The Wednesday Sets (3 sets worth 2 points each) is as usual the most competitive of the eight day or evening leagues.

Four teams are separated by one point and eight teams still have a decent chance.

Bob Baines’ W6 team and Keith Clark’s W1 team met and are still first and second after 3–3 draw.

Keith’s team scored first, the second set was drawn and then Bob’s team dashed their victory hopes.

Bob’s team had devastated Enid Underwood’s previously high–flying W3 team 6–0 (22 shots).

Geoff Gray’s W2 team stay in close contention with two hard fought vital narrow wins. W2 beat Barry Grocock’s W11 team 4-2 (2 shots) and then beat Pat Flegg’s W5 team by 4–2 (9 shots) so W2 are one point off the lead. Barry Grocock’s team W11 then had a vital 4–2 (8 shots) win over Trevor Gaines’ W8 team to stay third and W8 drop to fifth but they are still serious contenders.

Eric Dobbie’s new team W4 find themselves in sixth only four points off the lead despite only winning three out of eight, they have the happy knack of winning 6–0 but only losing 4–2.

Pat Flegg’s W5 team and Enid Underwood’s W3 team are seventh and eighth, but could still be contenders if they could convincingly win their game in hand.