Angling: Classy Collier takes Garbolino Lindholme gong

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Dave Collier clinched first on the Bonsai Lake with nearly 49lb caught to fend off a field of 20 other anglers.

Here are the latest results as provided to the Bells from the Lindholme Lakes.

Thursday Open, Bonsai Lake, 21 fished:

1 Dave Collier (Garbolino Lindholme), peg 61, caught on bomb and pellet for 48lb 11oz.

2 Lee Kerry (Preston), peg 41, caught on pellets and pole for 39lb 13oz.

3 Nick Speed (Shimano), peg 31, caught on bomb for 33lb 4oz.

4 John Alllerton (Tricast), peg 43, for 30lb 5oz.

Saturday Open, Bonsai Lake, 34 fished:

1 Paul McIntyre (Bait-Tek), peg 70, caught on bomb and pellet for 51lb 12oz carp.

2 Dave Collier (Garbolino Lindholme), peg 58, caught on corn and pellets for 45lb 12oz.

3 Martin Leck (Maver), peg 64, caught on corn and pellets for 43lb 9oz.

4 John Allerton (Tricast), peg 84, caught into corner on corn for 42lb 11oz.

5 Tommy Pickering (Preston), peg 67, caught on pellets for 38lb 14oz.

6 Sean Cammeron (Garbolino Lindholme), peg 32, caught on maggot for 36lb 4oz.

Sunday Open, Bonsai Lake, 26 fished:

1 John Allerton (Tricast), peg 69, caught on pellets on bomb for 45lb 11oz of small carp.

2 John Bartringham (Lincoln Whisby), peg 58, caught on corn and pellets for 37lb 12oz carp and silvers.

3 Nick Speed (Shimano), peg 62, caught on maggot for 34lb 11oz off mainly silvers.

4 Tommy Pickering (Preston), peg 1, caught on corn for 34lb 2oz.

5 Ben Fisk (Middy), peg 46, caught on pellets for 33lb 14oz.

6 Harry Bignall (Sunbeds Direct), peg 70, caught on maggot for 33lb 1oz.