Alpha male Gary back from injury

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In the Gainsborough and District Table Tennis Summer League, Team Alpha’s number one Gary Adlington returned from injury to help his side beat leaders Team Bravo.

Team Echo are level on points with Bravo, after defeat by basement side Team Charlie, for whom John Mackey won eight games.

Teams Foxtrot and Delta swapped positions, as Delta won 20-16 thanks in chief to Dave Mason and his brother Steve.

Results: Alpha 21 (G. Adlington 9, S. Mason 6, K. Eliot 5, S. McClung) Bravo 15 (D. Brumpton 6, T. Howdle 3, M. Sanderson 4, C. Andrews 2); Echo 16 (M. Ayris 5, B. Reed 5, B. Marriot, A. Scott 5) Charlie 20 (J. Mackey 8, R. Lovely 4, C. Whiteley 5, default 3); Foxtrot 16 (A. McPherson 4, J. Clifford 5, J. Croft 4, S. McClung 3) Delta 20 (D. Mason 8, S. Mason 6, M. Sanderson 6)