Aegir second claim rider defies weather in Pontefract

Liam Hindmarsh winning the Pontefract Grand Prix
Liam Hindmarsh winning the Pontefract Grand Prix

One of Gainsborough Aegir Club’s ‘second claim’ riders rode to victory in the Pontefract Grand Prix on Sunday.

Fifteen-year-old Liam Hindmarsh, who has relocated nearer his new club Dinnington RC, is still attached to the Aegir.

He sprinted to cross the line first in appalling weather conditions to take top spot on the podium.

In the senior event he then finished just outside the points.

A large group of cyclists turned out for Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club’s 15 mile time trial on Wednesday 6th August.

Riders times are still improving.

George Carnall, Rob Noble, Peter Comerford, Jo Findley and James Green achieved personal best times for a 15 mile race.

Carnall rode a good race, keeping Trevor Halstead in second place by three seconds.

Officals for the event were Paul Reynolds, Dave Day, Mark Clark and Daniel Nicholson.

Results (Aegir riders) 1st George Carnall 43 minutes 11 seconds, 2nd Trevor Halstead 43 minutes 14 seconds, 3rd Rob Noble 43 minutes 50 seconds, 4th Peter Comerford 46 minutes 08 seconds, 5th James Green 46 minutes 52 seconds, 6th Jon Findley 51 minutes 46 seconds, 7th Jo Findley 52 minutes 21 seconds.

Private Trials (Non Club Members): 1st Steve Grocock 34 minutes 21 seconds, 2nd Andy Lewin 35 minutes 22 seconds, 3rd Aiden Grocock 38 minutes 26 seconds, 4th Stuart Grocock 40 minutes 53 seconds, 5th Kev Lovett 44 minutes 09 seconds, 6th Steve Brown 45 minutes 04 seconds, 7th Dean Gillan 53 minutes 02 seconds.

Aegir members didn’t let Hurricane Bertha keep them from their Sunday morning ride.

Trevor Halstead, Daniel Nicholson and Dave Walker rode a 37 mile circular ride through 3 counties Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire.

On Sunday 17th a short ride will leave Roseway at 9.50am.

Next week’s 10 mile time trial takes place on Wednesday for the Reg Booth Trophy.

Riders should meet at Laughton Lane at 6.15pm, with the first rider off at 6.30pm.

For information about Aegir Cycling Club contact Trevor Halstead on 01427 617752.