Traders inflict own problems

I write in reference to the article concerning shopping in the town centre. Most of the trading problems are ‘self-inflicted’.

Shoppers cannot shop if the shops do not stock the goods they require. On several occasions recently I have tried to purchase goods only to be told ‘Sorry we don’t have that size you would be best using the internet.’ This in my view is not the way to put money in the tills (the object of the exercise).

One further reason is that many shops are also inaccessible to disabled and elderly, thus forcing these people to go elsewhere.

This is not only illegal under the Disability Discrimination Act, but also detrimental to the shops as people will not spend money at shops they cannot access.

Perhaps if the shops were to revise their policies and practices this would help to regenerate the town centre.

R. Johnson

Primrose Street, Gainsborough