Striders put on a great event

Having been involved with sport in Gainsborough over a long period of time, I feel I have to write to commend the Morton Striders.

On Sunday I attended the second event for myself with them and again they proved to be a great advert for the town. There are many negatives spoken about Gainsborough, but there is nothing negative about this group of people. If you want to see a family friendly and well organised group of sports people take a visit to a Striders event.

I went to their presentation evening, this was an event inclusive of all participants and their families, grandchildren, parents and grandparents were all involved in making a successful evening, it was good to see a cross section of members receiving awards and a recognition of achievement over all age groups in the organisation.

From what I saw of Sunday’s 10K event it brought together a number of organisations to help Marshall and organise what was happening, the organisation and coordination of all those volunteers was excellent all made to feel valued and part of the whole event. Those taking part in the race (in the region of 600 many having travelled a good distance) were welcomed and clearly directed to where they needed to be and those that wanted entered a competitive race. Social runners were made equally welcome and supported round the course, it was also especially pleasing to see the welcome all runners received at the finish line. All in all an excellent event but also a great advert for Gainsborough, The running vests that I saw included individuals from Lincoln, Skegness, Cleethorpes, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Barton, Derbyshire and I am sure there were many more.Well done Morton Striders especially those responsible for the organisation of the events.

Tony Goude

(via email)