Self-Harm Awareness Day

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We would like to invite your readers to support Self-Harm Awareness Day 2013 (March 1st) by joining thousands of people tweeting and talking about the issue.

Self-harming among young people has risen dramatically in the UK in recent years. It has been estimated that one in 12 young people in the UK have self-harmed at some point in their lives, but we believe that this figure could be even greater.

Despite this, the subject remains taboo and many thousands of young people who self-harm are suffering in silence.

Our aim is to get the nation talking about self-harm, so that we can challenge the many misconceptions around why young people do it and how we can best support them.

You can find out more about Self-Harm Awareness Day on our websites and join in the debate on twitter via #selfharm.

Sue minto

Head of ChildLine

Rachel Welch,


Emma Thomas, CEO, YouthNet, the charity


Sarah Brennan, CEO, YoungMinds