Reader’s Letter: Tracing Marshall’s steam ‘locomobile’ in Chile

I live in the south of Chile, where millions of trees were sawn into beams and planks using steam locomobiles, most of them made by Marshall Sons and Company of Gainsborough.

Dozens of these machines now litter the countryside, mostly in complete ruin. Just a mile from where I now live, however, there is a mill with a steam locomobile in full working order, powered by firewood. It is used to grind wheat and oats, mash apples to make cider and saw wood.

It has been in the same mill for about 50 years, in continuous use. The number on the machine is 83829. Can any of your readers tell me when it was built? The miller and I would be very interested to know.

I have many photos of these ‘locomobiles’, mostly repainted and placed in prominent positions like museum pieces in various towns in the region. I could send some to anyone interested.

Dan Morgan


Villarrica, Chile.