Reader Letter: Blood tests are taking months!

In August last year, one Monday I went for a blood test and then received a call on Tuesday afternoon to go for another blood test.

When I tried to make another appointment I had to wait a month before I could get in for another blood test which was a Monday again. After this blood test I received a phone call to go for another blood test which took another month, only to find I needed anther test which was another month!

After the third blood test, I was told to make an appointment to see the doctor which was another month and then I was told to make another appointment to see the diabetic nurse which was another month.

In December I saw the diabetic nurse and she said that she wanted to see me again.

When I tried to make another appointment I was told four to five weeks depending which practise I wanted to go to.

I went to Larwood practise and while I was in, the waiting room filled up and emptied three times and after half an hour I walked out and later that day I phoned the practise manager and complained.

My suggestion was to set more staff on and the reply was that there was not enough rooms to set more staff on.

My doctor is based at Carlton and at any one time there will be 10 to 13 cars parked in the staff car park and only one doctor working so that means there is too many admin staff.

If I have to see the nurse three times and then another blood test and then see the doctor I am hoping I can get sorted out by June.

If you want to see a doctor in the summer you can get in there in two days when all the locals have gone to Skegness for the summer and this is a known fact, so why don’t they get more doctors in for the winter when they all come back?

Alan Heslop

(via email)