Proud councillor

As a Gainsborough Town Councillor I am always interested in any actions by West Lindsey District Council that concerns our town.

With that in mind I walked to the Guildhall on the evening of Monday 25th February with the intension of attending the extra ordinary West Lindsey Council Meeting called by Independent and Liberal Democrat Councillors concerned by West Lindsey’s intensions to sell part of Whitton’s Gardens to a developer to build a hotel on the site.

Arriving 15 minutes before the meeting started I found the doors locked. Although a council may resolve to exclude the public, they cannot prevent the public attending until such as resolution is passed.

It is yet another example of the contempt West Lindsey has towards the people of Gainsborough. I am told that the Independent and Liberal Democrat Councillors who called the meeting were not permitted to speak or ask questions at the meeting. So much for democracy.

However I am proud to be a member of one council, Gainsborough Town Council, who do act on behalf of the people. At our last meeting we resolved to send a nomination to Lincolnshire County Council for Whitton’s Gardens to be added to the list of assets of community value. Lincolnshire County Council have eight weeks in which to respond to our nomination. If, as I suspect they will, accept the nomination then West Lindsey District Council as the owner of Whitton’s Gardens will, if they wish to sell all or part of the land, have to invite a bid from the town council to buy it so that it can continue to benefit the townsfolk and visitors alike.

Coun John Butler


Town Council