Police were very understanding

Recently I visited Tesco to purchase a mobile phone so I could keep in contact with my mum as she has been very ill.

I found a cheap and real nice mobile for just £59 and put £10 top up on it.

To my disappointment the phone went faulty in just under a week. I took it back but the staff weren’t helpful. They told me to take it to a mobile phone shop to get it fixed which could cost me. I have a mental illness and will be on medication for life and so I got very upset and began shouting. I did try to explain my health problems but the manager wasn’t very understanding and ended up calling the police. When the officer arrived he was very understanding and put my point across and the matter was resolved but left me with no phone. The officer was very helpful and even gave me a lift home to pick up my box and receipt.

I go into Tesco every day and most of the staff know me and I have a good friend who works there. This incident has caused me a lot of stress and upset and I think that if there had been someone trained to deal with this properly there would have been no need for a ban and for the police to be involved. Now I can’t go shopping in my local supermarket .

I just want to thank the police for doing a great job. People who say the police are not helpful are wrong, they have a job to do and should get the respect they deserve.

Mr Marshall