Let’s put an end to this

I read the article headlining the disagreements that have recently taken place at the Beckingham Parish Council meetings.

I was really disappointed to see that this argument is still continuing.

I, along with many other villagers, attended the last parish meeting. Much was said in the public forum prior to the actual meeting on the subject of the disagreements that have taken place. It was stated that five councillors had resigned. Letters of resignation stating their reasons for resigning were read out during the public forum.

I would like to thank these councillors who due to their sterling work over many years have brought many and great benefits to the village of Beckingham. Since the last meeting I have heard many comments made that I cannot agree with. It has been said to me that it was a case of these councillors ‘throwing their dummies out of the pram’ because they can’t get their own way. I have also heard it said that one councillor supposedly said ‘I have won’ when referring to a matter that the council was attending to.

In my opinion five people who have served on the council for many years do not walk out on a mere whim. And as for saying ‘I have won’ well this person may well have won but the losers in this matter are parishioners of Beckingham.

While I am sure that all parties can put forward good and reasoned accounts of what happened and who said what and to whom, constantly airing these views even stopping people in the street to do so does a great disservice to the parishioners of Beckingham.

It was said by a villager at the last meeting in the public forum that ‘now is the time to draw a line under this matter and for the constant bickering to be brought to an end. My feeling as a person who was present was that all in attendance concurred.

We now need five new councillors in Beckingham. Let us hope that all the councillors old and new representing the village as they do will agree to put these matters behind them. Let us also hope that they all agree to adhere to the principles of democracy. If a councillor feels strongly on a matter but the vote goes against them well they just have to accept this. We can’t always have it our own way. Continuing to voice opinions on lost votes or disagreements will achieve nothing other than to put the village back in the position that we now find ourselves in. It must be remembered councillors are not in their positions in order to win arguments neither are they there to be poor losers when arguments are lost. They have been voted into office to represent the parishioners of Beckingham and therefore the best outcome for Beckingham and its parishioners should always be paramount.

It is my hope that all who have been concerned first hand in these matters now resolve to put these differences behind them answering any enquiries made on the subject with a simple ‘no comment’. Continuing these arguments is very likely to underline just who the real protagonists are in this matter.

Finally can I encourage more villagers to attend council meetings. While due to prior commitments I will not be able to attend the next meeting I shall try to attend as many as I can in the future.

Edwin Wietscher

(via email)