Hotel at Trent Port?

In response to the many letters already printed regarding the proposed planning and building of a hotel on Whitton’s Gardens, has anyone suggested any other potential sites?

One that springs to mind might be that the land next to Trent Port be utilised. It would be a perfect ‘Welcome to Gainsborough’ not to mention, if memory serves me correctly a previous planning thought for a foot bridge to link to Whitton’s Gardens could be implemented for customers.

The work already done to improve the riverside could be viewed from the Notts side of the River Trent. It would be a valuable bonus for the public house there and would expand the town’s perimeter.

Whitton’s Gardens, I believe is dear to the hearts of many town folk and to have a large company come in, regardless of the job potential it creates, trample over what green space we have left, is a travesty and sore point for many.


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