‘We’re one big family’

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JUST because school’s out doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate those individuals who really make a difference to our children’s lives - and this week we give the Teacher’s Rose to a dedicated childminder.

Donna Green has been a childminder for eight years and is renowned for her loving and devoted appraoch. We went along with some parents to present her with her rose and take her by surprise.

“This is really lovely,” said Donna. “It’s so nice to be recognised and appreciated.”

“I love everything about working with children. It’s incredible to see all of the different milestones that they achieve. They come here as babies and leave as little children.”

She continued: “You have your good days and bad days but they’re mostly amazing.”

Donna said she was happy to open her home to others.

“We’re just one big mad family,” she said. “I try to promote the kids’ development, by finding something they enjoy and helping them learn through that.”

She added: “Thank you so much to those who nominated me - it means so much to be appreciated.”

Donna was nominated for the Rose by Lindsey Rawlings, who known used Donna as a childminder for years.

“She really deserves some recognition,” said Lindsey. “She does so much with the kids and she’s amazing.”

“Everything she has done for me and my family is incredible. It’s not a business - she has become a true friend.”

She continued: “She has brought out my daughter Georgia’s confidence so much and helped all of my kids with their education.”

“There’s only so much I can do, but she knows my kids as much as I do and how she helps these children develop is fantastic - I can’t thank her enough.”

Lindsey added: “I couldn’t have carried on working if it wasn’t for her. She has opened up her home and family to us, and you couldn’t ask for a better child-minder or friend.”

Fellow parent Lindsey Gavill said: “She’s like a second mum to these kids - I wouldn’t be able to do the amount of brilliant work that she does.”

To nominate your teaching heroes for the Standard’s Teacher’s Rose you can call 01427 615323 or email newsroom@gainsboroughstandard.co.uk.