Waste not want not

I WASN’T surprised when local NIMBYs came out saying Not In My Back Yard to a ‘waste transfer station’ that could see a whopping 21 bin lorries a day dumping heaps of junk just off the Park Springs Estate.

As if that area of town isn’t enough of a dump, now Lincolnshire County Council is considering bringing in more rubbish to town.

From my experience if you have ever had the misfortune to get stuck on Trent Bridge behind a bin lorry you know just how strongly they stink up the place.

But at least the county council is considering somewhere to put our trash. It’ll be tough for a lot of locals to get used to the concept of using a bin.

Many prefer to take white goods, old tellies, supermarket trollies and anything else they can get their mitts on and just chuck the whole lot straight into the Trent.

Presumably in the vain hope it will be carried off down to Retford.

Although residents complaining of odours in the Park Springs area might want to try a bit of soap themselves before getting uppity about the odd bin truck.

It is the teachers in the nearby primary schools I feel sorry for.

Bad enough having to work in a hot sweaty school with all those kids, let alone finding your fresh air is not so fresh come break time.

But at the end of the day these sites do have to go somewhere and as long as they are no where near me and my boat I really don’t care where they end up.

In fact, I have to admit, once I have chucked away on old egg box or an empty bottle of rum I give no thought as to where it ends up. And I am not about to start now at my age.