Waste changes start today

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RESIDENTS are being reminded about the new operation of waste collections which will be fully implemented from Monday.

Following strict new guidelines on the collection of green waste only for composting, Rotherham Council were faced with a decision as to how best to collect cardboard from households.

From Monday the council will no longer collect cardboard that is put in any householders’ green bins.

The first collection under the new guidelines was 19th March. However, for a two week period the council still collected cardboard in the bins whilst residents familiarised themselves with the new arrangements. From 2nd April if a bin had cardboard it was tagged to indicate that cardboard could not be collected.

A spokesman said: “The amnesty period is now ending and from Monday 16th April bins with cardboard in can not be collected.”

“We have responded to a small number of calls from customers who said that they were not aware of the changes. We have distributed over 100,000 leaflets outlining the new arrangements and have tried to remain flexible during this adjustment period.”

The council anticipates that the majority of card produced will fit into the existing blue bag or bags when flattened. If it will not fit, large corrugated card will be collected if folded and secured under the blue box in the same way that a number of other councils already provide the service.

If householders find it more convenient then the other option available is to recycle the cardboard at the Household Waste Recycling Centres.

The spokesman added: “Quite simply the cost of providing 112,000 new bins would have been over £2 million pounds. There would also have been the additional cost of adapting the existing recycling vehicles. We can still provide a quality service at a fraction of that cost with a number of ways for people to dispose of their cardboard.”

“To have spent such an excessive amount would have been irresponsible at any time, but especially under the current financial climate.”

“In continuing to support recycling and not ceasing the collection of cardboard altogether the Council has had to take a pragmatic view.”

Householders are encouraged to request an additional blue bag if required and the council is buying lightly larger blue bag to replace the existing ones, which will be phased in later this year.

Waste management collection crews are now collecting paper and card in the blue bag, glass cans and textiles in the blue box and garden waste in the green bin.