Heroic taxi driver tackles flames

Taxi driver Jamie Harding-Hubbard, 26, saved a woman from a burning car G12120-6g
Taxi driver Jamie Harding-Hubbard, 26, saved a woman from a burning car G12120-6g
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A ‘QUICK-THINKING’ Gainsborough taxi driver has been praised for tackling the flames from a burning car after he came across a road crash.

Jamie Harding-Hubbard was driving down Spital Hill in Gainsborough in the early hours of Saturday 17th November when he was confronted with a car that had crashed into a lamp-post.

Taxi driver Jamie Harding-Hubbard, 26, saved a woman from a burning car G12120-6c

Taxi driver Jamie Harding-Hubbard, 26, saved a woman from a burning car G12120-6c

Jamie, a 26-year-old driver for Diamond Cabs in Gainsborough, stopped his car to help a local 19-year-old woman who had just escaped from the vehicle - moments before it suddenly burst into flames.

It was Jamie’s quick-thinking and bravery which prevented a potentially fatal disaster.

“I just did what anyone else would have done,” said Jamie.

“If you see a car crash and a young lass in trouble then you have to do what you can to help.”

“I had only just dropped a customer off and as I was driving down Spital Terrace I saw a car in the middle of the road with the front end all smashed up.”

He continued: “I stopped to help this young lass who had only just got out of the car.”

“She was shook up and had injured her shoulder.”

Then, things took a sudden and dramatic turn.

“I got out of the car to help her and call an ambulance and the police, but as I was on the phone the engine suddenly caught fire,” said Jamie.

“I got the foam extinguisher out of my cab and managed to put the fire out before the emergency services even arrived.”

“The car could have blown up in flames at any moment right there and then and I dread to think of what could have happened to that young girl.”

“It’s lucky that I was in the right place at the right time as it could all have been so much worse, but anyone else would have done the same.”

Jamie added: “I couldn’t just drive away and leave her there like that - I just had to make sure that she was going to be alright.”

The 19-year-old Gainsborough woman was taken to Scunthorpe General Hospital where she was treated for a broken collar bone.

Diamond Cabs manager Julie Sanderson-Cole said that Jamie’s actions were ‘amazing’.

“I sent him a text as soon as I found out the next day just to let him know how proud we are of him and the way he dealt with it,” she said this week.

“A lot of people would have just driven past, in which case we could have been dealing with a fatality.”

Julie continued: “And well done to him for taking on the fire - I’m not sure if I would have had the guts to do that. I’d have got her out of the car and ran”

She added: “He’s just amazing, and handled the whole thing extremely well.”

The road along Spital Hill was temporarily closed at the junction of The Avenue and Summer Hill and was re-opened by 3.22am.

A spokesman from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue confirmed that firefighters were called out to Spital Hill at 2.46am on Saturday 17th November where there was severe damage to a Vauxhall Corsa after the engine had combusted.

The lamp-post has since been removed by the Lincolnshire Highways authority.

Dave Gilbert, from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said: “We would like to praise the actions of Jamie Harding-Hubbard, whose swift and thoughtful actions undoubtedly prevented the situation from becoming much, much worse.”

Lincolnshire Police spokesman Debra Tinsley added: “Jamie’s positive behaviour, quick-thinking and brave actions in putting the fire out immediately must be praised. He may have prevented a much more severe disaster.”

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