Torksey: Swimming challenge in memory of Ethan Maull

Ethan is pictured with his dad, Darren, on a fishing trip
Ethan is pictured with his dad, Darren, on a fishing trip

A group of avid swimmers are taking to the water in memory of Ethan Maull and to raise funds for his charity The Ethan Maull ‘Up Yours to Cancer!’ Foundation.

Paul Fowler, 43, Martin Ball, 36, Alex Ferguson, 43, Caroline Sims, 41, and Mike Russell, 63, will attempt to swim almost 250 miles over 24 hours.

Ten-year-old Ethan sadly passed away on 5th May after losing his battle against cancer.

Ethan and his family, who live in Torksey, set up the foundation in 2013 to help raise awareness of osteosarcoma after he was diagnosed with the rare form of children’s bone cancer in December 2012.

The 24 hour open water swimming challenge will start at 7pm tomorrow (Tuesday 24th June) and completed 24 hours later on Wednesday 25th June.

This challenge is the first of its kind as it will take place in open water and none of the participants planned to sleep until the challenge was completed to support all the participants.

Paul Fowler said: “We’ve been planning this event since September 2013 and we’re delighted by the support and interest that we’ve received so far.”

“The swim is going to be a tough challenge and a serious test of our endurance.”

“However we are determined to complete it in memory of Ethan who was a very special little boy.”

“We’re encouraged by his legacy and want to help keep it going.”

Martin Ball said: “I have taken part in my fair share of endurance challenges, but this event will be one of the most challenging.”

“We’ll be putting our bodies through a lot of stress and with the added factor of the cold weather and water we’re increasing our chances of hypothermia.”

“Ethan Maull has been an inspiration to us all, however, and I’m honoured to be taking part in this event on behalf of his foundation.”

Donations are currently being collected via the team’s JustGiving page

They have received over £2,000 in donations so far, and hope to exceed their target of £3,000.

All proceeds will go to the Ethan Maull ‘Up Yours To Cancer’ Foundation which is planning to purchase a property, to be called Ethan’s House, which will be a place where families can stay while their children are having prolonged treatment.

For more information about the foundation, visit, the Ethan Maull ‘Up Yours to Cancer Facebook page or follow the charity on Twitter @EbobsFight.