Threats to kill case dropped

In Court
In Court

Two men accused of making threats to kill as part of an alleged ongoing feud between rival families have been cleared at Lincoln Crown Court after the prosecution offered no evidence against them.

John Tom Smith, 38, of Summergangs Lane, Gainsborough, and Frederick Smith, 41, of Thomas Street, Grimsby, both denied making threats to kill Elise Price on 17th July 2011 and a similar charge of making threats to kill Gwendoline Newbury the following day.

The two men also denied causing damage to a property in Victoria Close, Gainsborough belonging to Elsie Price.

Prosecutor David Outterside told the court on Tuesday that the decision not to proceed with the charges followed careful consideration by the Crown Prosecution Service and Lincolnshire Police.

Mr Outterside said: “The Crown and the Police are well aware of the long standing feud between these two families but there have been no incidents since these ones last year.”