The Captain: Why people just won’t pay to spend a penny

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There are certain things in life that we don’t mind forking out for - no matter what the price.

I get the feeling the Government could quadruple the tax on beer, wines and spirits overnight and people would still pay it.

They would complain a lot, and there would be plenty of muttering into pint glasses up and down the country, but the readies would still change hands.

It’s much the same for tobacco. A packet of cigarettes now costs more than my first car, but there are still plenty of people on our streets puffing away.

Then, of course, there are those things in life that people will do their damndest to avoid paying a single penny for.

One of the most spectacular examples is the humble public toilet - many of which now charge a few pence for, well, spending a penny.

People will do just about anything to avoid paying for the privilege of checking out the plumbing.

I get the impression folk would risk health problems, severe discomfort or wetting themselves like a toddler just to escape it.

If you’ve visited a major train station or a good few town and city centres recently you’ll know what I mean.

You see people wandering up to them, seeing the 20p charge on the door, grumbling,and then deciding they can wait after all.

Even if they have to cross their legs all the way to Edinburgh Waverley.

Now even an old skinflint like me can see this is slightly odd behaviour.

After all it’s 20p. And as long as it’s re-invested in improving the facilities I see no problem with it.

My experience of the paid for bogs is they are at least a bit cleaner and there are fewer suspicious characters hanging around inside - which has to be a good thing.

And there are some appalling public toilets around here which would certainly benefit from an upgrade.

In fact, I wouldn’t mind paying a tenner if I could sit atop a throne-like carsey - so I’m hoping they bump up the prices.

And you probably thought I just put my leg up over the side of the boat...