Residents of Marshall’s Rise in Gainsborough speak out about Nibe boilers

Marshall's Rise, Gainsborough G130129-1a
Marshall's Rise, Gainsborough G130129-1a

CONCERNED residents of an estate in Gainsborough have spoken out to complain about the boilers built into their homes.

A group of residents from the Marshall’s Rise estate in Gainsborough have spent months calling for action regarding the Nibe boilers in their properties.

One resident told the Standard: “I have lived in my house for less than two months but spent over £200. In my first four days I spent £96. I’ve had nothing but trouble. I’ve had the engineers, plumbers and electricians out but I still daren’t put the heating on.”

“The whole estate is shocking really. I’d never have moved in if I’d known. I’m having to choose between being warm and being able to afford food.”

A spokesman from their Facebook group said: “These systems have already been highlighted on BBC Rip Off Britain and have been removed from properties all over the country.”

“A meeting took place at West Lindsey District Council last year and 28 different tenants attended to voice their concerns and complaints - but little action has been taken besides boilers being serviced by Nibe and monitors fitted for a year.”

“Nibe themselves even say that exhaust air heat pumps are generally only suitable for small new build dwellings such as apartments - yet they are fitted in these three storey, three to four bedroom townhouses.”

A spokesman from owners the New Linx Housing Trust said: “We are aware that a number of our customers have expressed concern about the costs and performance of their heating systems.”

“We are carrying out monitoring of the power usage of the properties of those residents who have complained, to see if it is excessive for the type of property. Both Nibe (who manufacture the boilers in question) and the developers of the housing scheme at Marshall’s Rise have confirmed that the units used are suitable for the size and type of houses in which they are installed.”

“ In response to the concerns raised, Nibe have in fact offered to carry out a re- inspection of the units in question, and offer residents advice on their usage.”

He added: “We will be contacting residents regarding this shortly, which we hope will address concerns raised.”

A spokesman from West Lindsey District Council added: “We supported tenants to raise their concerns directly with the housing provider.”

“We would welcome any queries from Marshall’s Rise tenants in need of further support in relation to their housing options.”