Prince's Trust grant helps two young students set up shop

by Mike Jarvis

TWO young entrepreneurs have taken the first steps on the road to their first million after help from the Prince’s Trust.

Former Castle Hills Community Arts College students Amanda Drayton, 18, and Danielle Simons, 20, both launched their own businesses this week after receiving grants and loans from the national organisation.

Danielle always wanted to run her own catering business and a grant from the Prince’s Trust has proved to be the icing on the cake.

And the business - Danielle’s Delight - is almost ready for launch.

She said: “I have worked in catering since the day I left school, in various areas, from breakfast chef in a hotel to carvery, to buffets and platters for all kinds of events and, more recently, in convenience foods at a busy cafe in a local Tesco store.

“I have encountered many types of people in my life due to my father having been in the computer trade and also owning his own company. I feel that through this it is a natural progression for me to start up my own business doing what I love and do best.”

Danielle received a 3,500 loan and 1,500 grant from the Prince’s Trust towards her start-up costs.

And she intends to run her new venture from the One Stop Cake Shop, on Heaton Street, which is owned and run by her auntie

Fellow Cassies student Amanda Drayton has also benefitted from the Princes Trust after she received a 3,000 grant to start her own on-line shoe business.

Amanda believed it will be easier and cheaper to build up her business online rather than trying to open a small shop. And Amanda will use the BT eShop service to get her website up and running, giving her own site dedicated online shopping and payment facilities.

However, Amanda was facing a very different prospect just months ago, after the shoe shop she had worked in for the last 12 months suddenly closed down.

However, the young entrepreneur is now looking to the future - and is thinking big.

She said: “I hope to be a self-made millionaire by 30.”

Amanda is hoping to have the business up and running by the end of the month.