Postcards show off what Gainsborough has to offer visitors

Gainsborough Old Hall
Gainsborough Old Hall

Gainsborough Town Partnership is on a mission to support local businesses by encouraging visitors and boosting the town’s profile.

Working with MMC Agency, it has designed and launched a series of postcards highlighting the town’s characteristics.

The first postcard promotes the events happening in town over the summer months.

Debbie Revill, MMC’s creative director, created a series of hand drawings of the town’s notable features including Parish Church, the Old Hall and Trent Bridge to use on the postcards.

The postcards were handed out at the Riverside Festival and can be found at other events and attractions including the Old Hall and Blyton Ice Cream as well as schools, council offices and businesses.

Samantha Dodd, Gainsborough town manager, said: “The Town Partnership is working hard to promote what Gainsborough has to offer further afield to attract visitors old and new into the town.”

“This will hopefully start to have a positive impact upon the town and its businesses. The postcards are successful as they are bright, full of information and handy to keep in your bag.”

Lizzie Jordan, MMC’s business development director and member of the events committee for the partnership said raising the town’s profile would benefit all local businesses.

“We are delighted to have been chosen to design this project and to produce its visual identity,” she added.

The postcards have been produced in partnership with Marshall’s Yard as part of wider initiatives to bring the town centre and Marshall’s Yard together.

They are part of the partnership’s wider strategy to encourage visitors to the town and drive potential customers to local businesses.