Parish kids explore the world

ADVENTUROUS pupils from Parish Church Primary School in Gainsborough enjoyed a day of exploring the exotic as they took part in a multi-cultural day.

The project was run in partnership with a group called The Mighty Creative and saw the pupils take part in a wide range of activities to learn about other people’s traditions and the way that they live.

Tracy Palin from the school said that the children loved discovering a variety of cultures from the different corners of the globe that have gathered here in modern Britain.

“It was a creative activity and we wanted to explore multi-cultural Britain – particularly Islam,” said Tracy.

“We did lots of calligraphy where the children learned to write their own names in Arabic and lots of pattern work with symmetry to explore the different art they have in that part of the world.”

Tracy continued: “The children also made their own perfumes, learned chants, did yoga and made their own lmodels of the Taj Mahal.”

She added: “They also loved sampling the different curry dishes and a hot chutney - so they really did get a true taste of a different culture!”

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