Notts: Plans to ban smoking in cars with child passengers welcomed

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Guardian News

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Nottinghamshire County Council has welcomed the proposed amendment to the Children and Families Bill which would make it an offence for a driver to “fail to prevent smoking in the vehicle when a child or children are present.”

Councillor Joyce Bosnjak, Chair of the Nottinghamshire Health and Wellbeing board said: “While I am sure that most parents already take a common sense approach not to smoke when they are in the car with children, enshrining the principle in legislation will help protect the health of the children of the few who chose not to. “The dangers of second hand smoke are well known, but it’s worth reiterating the additional risk of being in a small enclosed space like a car – just winding down the window isn’t enough. “Protecting our children from the damage of second hand smoke, and helping to de-normalise smoking as a habit is vital to the long term goals of improving health outcomes and reducing smoking levels in Nottinghamshire. This proposed legislation can help us achieve that.”

For more information, contact Robin Smith at Nottinghamshire County Council on 0115 999 4179 or email